Spring Michigan Intimate Wedding at Gallagher Farms in Traverse City, MI

The lower peninsula feels like it's finally starting to thaw (although if you're from Michigan you know that doesn't necessarily mean spring is on the way quite yet hahah) and the warmer temperatures had me reminiscing on this spring day from last year! It's so wild to me how this was already almost a year ago! I feel like I can still imagine so many of the details from that day so clearly. The smell of all of the blooms on the cherry blossom trees, the campfire, me literally unable to hold back tears during speeches, every moment was beautiful! I truly believe that one of the things that made this such a standout day was that Katie & Zack are two of the kindest people on this planet, and everything about their day was so intentional & intimate that it would be impossible to forget a detail.

You can see in every single photo they're in just how much these two love each other. It was such an honor to work with these two and photograph such important parts of their adventure together! I just can't wait for you to see some of my favorites from this amazing Traverse City spring wedding!

Traverse City is one of the BEST places for spring weddings! The city is known for their cherries, and in May the flowers are in FULL bloom!

Aren't these blooms so beautiful!? They're one of the biggest reasons I just freaking love Traverse City spring weddings. Even if you aren't having a wedding or elopement up there, there are still so many amazing things you can explore up there in the springtime!

I still just feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of such an incredible day. Congratulations Katie & Zack!!!

Traverse City is one of my absolute favorite areas in the world, and I have a resource to help you find beautiful spots for your wedding all over Michigan!

If you have any questions about planning your wedding, or want to dream up a beautiful elopement together, let’s talk! I’m happy to serve you however I can!


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