Best places to elope in Michigan.

This is a post I've been debating on making for awhile, but finally decided to bite the bullet and throw it out there. One of my favorite parts of working with my eloping couples is helping some of them find their DREAM spot. There's nothing I love more than tracking different trails, views, maps, you name it. It's seriously so much fun, and it's my favorite part of the experience that comes with working with me! But besides that, I decided I finally wanted to make a good comprehensive list for all of you potential elopers/intimate-wedding-ers to start building your dream off of when it comes to finding the best place to elope in Michigan. So without further blabbing, here is my list of some of the best places to elope in Michigan!

1. Elope in Traverse City

I decided to start with the location that I would consider the most ~easily accessible~, just because the rest of them are a bit longer of a drive. But Traverse City has some of the most incredible views, and SO much variety! From beautiful views of Sleeping Bear, trails and wineries along their famous peninsulas, and gorgeous sandy dunes as far as the eye can see - Traverse City area is an amazing place to elope.

Best Places to Elope in Michigan

2. Elope on Mackinac Island

I know Mackinac is usually well-known for its giant, gorgeous wedding venues overlooking the Caribbean blue waters, but let me tell ya it is also the PERFECT place to elope!! Mackinac off the beaten path has some of the most beautiful wooded trails with views you would not believe. There's also some really unique options like renting horses or a carriage, biking to your favorite swimming hole, and paddleboarding around the island! It also has some awesome restaurants and bars (Pink Pony rum runner, anyone?) which are the perfect way to wrap up your elopement day!!

3. Elope in the Porcupine Mountains

Betcha didn't know Michigan had mountains!! Okay, it's not a MOUNTAIN mountain, but it's pretty damn close and I'll take it hahah. The Porcupine Wilderness is Michigan's largest state park, and she did not come to mess around! Filled with incredible aerial lake views, rocky shorelines, miles of trails, waterfalls, and rivers - this place literally has it all. It's pretty far west in the Upper Peninsula, but if you are the type of couple that loves some peace & quiet and a good hike - this place might be for you!

Empire Bluffs Michigan engagement photos

4. Elope on Beaver Island

Beaver Island has been on my bucket list for YEARSSSS and let me tell you why. The island is accessible by ferry from Charlevoix or a plane, and it is Lake Michigan's largest island with miles and miles of beautiful trails, beaches, a super cute little town, and a beautiful campground! Win win WIN.

5. Elope in the Keweenaw Peninsula

The Keweenaw is the northernmost part of Michigan, and while it is definitely a hike to get to it is well worth it. The shorelines are covered in beautiful dark volcanic rock which give it some serious PNW vibes. There are sweet little towns such as Copper Harbor and Houghton with some amazing things to do, and surrounded by forests with trees so large and old they look like the California Redwoods. It's such an incredibly unique place, and is such a beautiful spot to plan your elopement!

Adventure Engagement Waterfall Session at Tahquamenon Falls

6. Elope in the Mid-Upper Peninsula

Honestly, there are so many spots in this region that are still all a little separated that I kind of made this term up to cover all my bases hahah. The UP is just HUGE and I didn't want to list like a million separate places hahah so this is what we get. From Marquette to Munising to Tahquamenon and St. Ignace, central UP has SO many incredible places to elope at. You can find everything here: forests, waterfalls, cliffs, sandy beaches, dunes, rainbow rock beaches, LITERALLY everything and then some more. So many places here that would be perfect for your elopement (and if you're looking for more reasons to elope in the UP, look at my post on it here!)

And last but definitely not least....

Best Places to Elope in Michigan

7. Elope at Isle Royale

I saved the most adventurous for last!! Isle Royale is our only National Park, and it's a secluded Island in Lake Superior that is tooootally rustic. It's accessibly by airplane and ferries, but it's popular for its backpacking trails and wildlife (i.e. wolves and moose. Yes. WOLVES AND MOOSE. Insane)! Isle Royale has some of the most raw, natural, and untouched shorelines in the state (and dare I say the nation). There is so much beauty there that I really don't even have good words for it hahah. It's another spot that has always been on my list, so if you are feeling very adventurous - this spot is for you!

And there you have it!! The best places to elope in Michigan!

I'll probably continue to add to this list as I learn more and more about Michigan, but I hope this is a good starting point for you! And when it comes down to planning your actual elopement, definitely get in touch with me and I will be so happy to help you choose specific locations and help your day to be the best it can be!

If you still have questions about planning your elopement, let’s talk! I’m happy to serve you however I can!


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