7 perfect locations for an intimate Traverse City wedding

Traverse city is easily one of my favorite spots of all time, both for photography and for everyday life - and literally any time I step into that town it's painfully obvious why! You can't go 10 feet without being surrounded by some of the most beautiful sights in the state. The peninsulas both offer gorgeous lakeside drives, the bays and Lake Michigan have some of the bluest waters in the world, and obviously the town life there is quaint and unbeatable. There are so many things that make it one of the most perfect spots to consider for your intimate wedding or elopement, and I am so excited to shine some light on some of my favorite spots in the area! Scroll to see what I think are 7 perfect locations for an intimate Traverse City wedding!

Empire Bluffs Engagement Couples Session

Lake Bluff Preserve - Empire, MI

This one is on my personal bucket list, but it is BEAUTIFUL! Individual private homes nestled on the bluffs of Lake Michigan, the views that this place provides are unbeatable. The also have access to various activities like hiking, canoeing, fishing, golfing, etc! And the best part, THEY HAVE PET FRIENDLY OPTIONS! Boom. Sold. Check them out here!

The Snug - Traverse City, MI

This is one of my personal favorite spots I've ever photographed an elopement at. The cabin itself is super cozy and wonderfully bohemian, and the property has some beautiful areas for a ceremony and mini-reception. It's such a perfect spot for an intimate Traverse City wedding!!

Traverse City Engagement Session

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Obviously couldn't leave this one out! Probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, Sleeping Bear Lakeshore spans 35 miles of lakeshore - and includes some GORGEOUS views. Sleeping Bear is one of my favorite areas for weddings because of the versatility it provides. You can get married at a beautiful overlook, or in the woods, or if you're feeling extra adventurous even wander over to North or South Manitou islands (both of which were going to get their own tab but they're very adventurous to get to!)

Sleeping Bear Dunes Engagement Session

Pyramid Point - Maple City, MI

If you're someone who has envisioned yourself taking a little wedding day hike, then this spot might be for you. This 2.7 mile loop leads you to one of the most beautiful views of Lake Michigan in the area, from one of the highest outlook spots.

The Homestead - Glen Arbor, MI

One of Michigan's most unique venues in my opinion, the Homestead is a ski-resort/wedding venue less than an hour from downtown that is perfect for both intimate Traverse City weddings and large weddings! One of my best friends got married here and it was so beautiful - the ceremony site was on top of a mountain and we took a ski lift to get to it! And the reception space has a beautiful, woodsy vibe that makes you feel like you're truly tucked away in the mountains somewhere.

Rove Estate & Vineyard - Traverse City, MI

Not only do they have the best wine in Traverse City (in my humble opinion) but their ceremony/reception space fkn rocks. They are absolutely perfect for intimate weddings where you just want to be with your closest people eating some AMAZING apps drinking some amaaaaAAAZING wine with an amazing view. Win win win. Oh, AND their outdoor space is dog friendly. Extra win.

The Peninsula Room at the Jolly Pumpkin - Traverse City, MI

Jolly Pumpkin is a spot that truly has my heart up there, and the Peninsula Room is one of the most beautiful places to host your wedding. It has a ceremony setup on a lawn overlooking the water that is drool-worthy, not to mention some of the best fkn food in the area for your reception - it's perfect. Check it out here.

And there you go!! Now you are an expert and can go out and plan your perfect wedding in northern Michigan.

If you still have questions about planning your intimate Traverse City wedding, let’s talk! I’m happy to serve you however I can!


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