Magical Michigan Winter Elopement at the Ice Caves Inspiration

Michigan Winter Elopement at the Ice Caves near Marquette, MI

If there's one thing that I wish it was easier to be open-minded about - it would be winter elopements. And look, I know planning a Michigan winter elopement can be a risky business. With the sometimes chilly (freezing) temperatures and never quite knowing what that midwestern weather is going to look like it can be tricky. BUT, did you know that Michigan in the winter is one of the most magical places you could elope?! With the lakes freezing to make magical ice formations, beautiful snow-coated forests reminiscent of western woods, and tons and tons of snow - Michigan is beautiful no matter the season. Showcasing Michigan's beauty is at the forefront of what I do, so I absolutely could not wait to plan this session to show how beautiful a Michigan winter elopement can be.

After years in the making, Lisa of Linnaea Floral and I finally brought this idea to life! We could not be more excited with the amazing team and how everything turned out. Scroll down to see this dreamy winter elopement!

Photography: Steph Pickard Photo

Florals: Linnaea Floral

Makeup: Fresh Coast Beauty

Dress: Spring Sweet

If you are considering a winter elopement, my #1 tip for you would be to invest in a good pair of ice cleats! There is nothing less fun than having to worry about slipping and getting hurt on your wedding day!

The Upper Peninsula's ice caves are SO insanely beautiful, but there are tons of other great winter activities you could plan your Michigan winter elopement around!

A Michigan winter elopement may be a little chilly, but the incredible and unique views and beautiful snowfall will make up for any temperature-related hesitations you have. And hey, now you can rock some awesome winter wedding accessories!

The ice caves are just one idea for planning your perfect Michigan Elopement, but I have a resource to help you plan your perfect Michigan elopement here!

If you have any questions about planning your wedding, or want to dream up a beautiful elopement together, let’s talk! I’m happy to serve you however I can!


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