5 Reasons why you should elope in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

It's no secret that I am a large advocate of how underrated our amazing state is haha. I think what surprises me most is how few of us LP-folk have even actually BEEN north of the Mackinac Bridge! And I do understand, it can be a minimum of a 5h drive up there for a lot of us - and somewhere up to 10 or 12h if you want to get to the far western side or the very north of the Keweenaw! And after being lucky enough to photograph so many amazing elopements up there I truly believe it's one of the most beautiful places you can have your wedding day. That being said, I've gathered together my favorite top 5 reasons you should elope in Michigan's upper peninsula! Here we go!

Michigan Elopement in Marquette


Where my introverts at?! Just kidding. Avoiding crowds is a bonus no matter your personality type, especially when it comes to your wedding day. Although Michigan has been getting more popular through the years (especially booming during Covid) it's still relatively quiet compared to other big photo destinations. There are stories upon stories of lines waiting for big photo spots in locations like Zion, Yosemite, the Cascades, you name it - but here in MI, things are quieter. This also can make your trips relatively less expensive, which is a win for sure!


What's better than access to one great lake? Access to TWO great lakes (and lots of other beautiful little lakes in between, including Kitch-Iti-Kipi). What's especially amazing is that both of the coastlines are super unique, whether it's the gorgeous rocky shoreline of Lake Superior or the gorgeous sandy hills along Lake Michigan. And that's not to say that the lower peninsula doesn't have its beautiful share of lakes & shorelines because it does, but the ones in the upper peninsula are full of those gorgeous PNW vibes right at home.

Michigan Winter Elopement Ice Caves

3. *Cue the Stepbrothers energy* SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!

If there's one thing I love doing on elopement days, it's incorporating various activities that the couple LOVES to do into their day. And if you elope in the upper peninsula, there is no shortage of activities you can plan. From amazing long secluded hikes, ice climbing, paddleboarding, motorcycling through the winding roads, hitting your favorite local breweries, having a bonfire with a view - you name it.

Upper Peninsula Elopement


Need I say more?

Just kidding. But for real. The upper peninsula has SO. MANY. WATERFALLS. And while not all of them are perfect for photos, so many of them are and they're such a wonder to include on your wedding day. Not many places have them, especially in the midwest, so having such an abundance is incredible! I've been lucky enough to have been to a bunch of the ones up there, and they are just so amazing to see!

And last but not least!

Marquette Upper Peninsula Elopement

5. Perfect Roadtrip Material

If you're still looking for reasons to elope in the upper peninsula of Michigan, this one is probably my favorite. Like I mentioned earlier in the post - Michigan is absolutely massive, but everything is spaced in such a way that it's perfect for a roadtrip no matter where you're coming from or where you want to go. And there are SO many beautiful things to see along any route you take. From cute little one stoplight towns, to citites like Petoskey and Marquette and destinations like the Porkies, you will have no shortage of beautiful places to explore on your drive.

Michigan Elopement Photographer

Feeling inspired to head north now? I hope so! The UP is my favorite place in the world and I would be so excited for you if you chose to include some of the incredible places up there in your wedding plans.

The UP is just just one idea for planning your perfect Michigan Elopement, but I have a resource to help you plan your perfect Michigan elopement here!

If you have any questions about planning your wedding, or want to dream up a beautiful elopement together, let’s talk! I’m happy to serve you however I can!


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