10 Mackinac Island Elopement Ideas for your Wedding Day on Mackinac Island, MI

It's no secret that Mackinac holds a special place in my heart, as well as the hearts of many people around the world! It's been voted the top summer destination in the US, and it's unique charm and natural beauty makes it such an incredible place for a wedding. Mackinac does have its share of wedding venues, but is not often thought of as a perfect place for an elopement as well - so let's change that!! With all of the beautiful things there are to do, stay, and see on the island, it's perfect for anyone looking for an elopement that's unique and filled with some Michigan adventure. So here are 10 Mackinac Island Elopement ideas to incorporate into your wedding experience!

1.Take a Sunset Cruise

If you are planning on staying on the island this is such an incredible experience. The 90-minute ride will take you from the island underneath the Mackinac Bridge and back, and the beautiful light and peaceful atmosphere makes it an incredible addition to your wedding day (and your photos)! And who knows, maybe you could have your ceremony here for something really unique!

2. Go for a Private Carriage Ride

This is such a peaceful & romantic way to get to some of your favorite or must-see spots without worrying about biking just yet. You can carriage ride to your ceremony spot, dinner, or just go for a ride around the island!

3. Visit Sunset Rock

This is a super beautiful spot off the beaten-path of main street and more towards the center of the island. It's also known for being one of the most beautiful views of Lake Huron!

4. Set up a Helicopter Tour

This would take "seeing a different side of the island" to a whole new level! If you are the daredevil type or are looking for a SUPER unique addition to your wedding day plans, this could be for you! This is definitely the most unique of my 10 Mackinac Island elopement ideas!

5. Take a Hike

Mackinac is filled with miles of beautiful trails that can lead you to some of the island's best kept secrets! Rock formations, caves, beautiful roads with some of the most gorgeous homes you've ever seen - there's so much adventure to be had here!

6. Plan a Romantic Dinner

I know the options here aren't technically LIMITLESS but it feels like it. There are so many amazing & beautiful places to eat so you can have your perfect romantic atmosphere. Some of my favorites include Stonecliffe, The Woods, and The Carriage House.

7. Go For a Tandem Bike Ride

This is an easy way to ensure you'll have some fun and laughs with your partner on your wedding day!

8. Take Photos By Arch Rock

Just use your bike from the previous idea (or you can walk, it's not too far!) and make your way over to arch rock to get some beautiful photos by the iconic formation!

9. Set Up a Picnic

Mackinac has tons of beautiful, secluded areas perfect for a romantic picnic. You can find a spot in Marquette Park tucked away from the crowds, go up to Fort Holmes for a view overlooking the entire island, or find an empty rocky beach somewhere to spend some peaceful time together. And you can still do this even if you don't want to deal with the fuss of an entire picnic! Just grab a bottle of champagne with some cheese and crackers! Or pick up a pizza if that's more your vibe!

10. Go parasailing!!

This is another wild one for anyone who's feeling adventurous! Even if you don't want to do this on your actual wedding day, it could be a fun activity to incorporate into a wedding weekend!

The most important thing about planning your elopement is that it feels like YOU, and is full of activities (or not) that make you feel excited and bring the focus back on you & your wedding day!

If you still have questions about planning your elopement, let’s talk! I’m happy to serve you however I can!


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