Tahquamenon Falls Couples Session / Tahquamenon Falls Adventure Session

For those of you who know me (queue the wedding toast speeches...just kidding. poor photography joke) you know that I am pretty constantly babbling about how freaking incredible and underrated our state is. Michigan is honestly AMAZING and has such an astounding variety of landscapes & uncharted terrain & so many amazing things that so few people ever take advantage of. One of these, and definitely one of the more popular spots of these areas, is Tahquamenon Falls.

I'm not going to go on a history lesson or post about my many trips here in the heart of my awkward phase (just kidding I TOTALLY AM & I will link to a photo of myself there at the prime uncomfortable chipmunk-looking age of 15 at the very bottom of this post) but going to the falls with some of Michigan's UP locals Amanda & Richard (who are also incredible photographers and you can see their work here) gave me a whole new insight on some hidden gems in this breathtaking location. So take a peek at some of my favorite photos from this little adventure of ours!

And for those of you who made it to the bottom of the post, whether to see this shocking photo or not, here ya go. Me rocking that 2008 hand on hip look. Enjoy.


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