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Michigan Waterfall Wedding



From the moment you slide into my DMs until long after your wedding, I’m here to give you my absolute all!


Let’s start with this: you only get one wedding day. Your story deserves more than someone just “taking photos”, because these will be the only tangible pieces to help you relive those intimate moments for years to come. How hard your heart was beating as you walked down the aisle, the wind blowing through your hair as you said your vows, the warm tear rolling down your cheek when you finally see your love during your first look – those are the moments I want to live forever.

That’s why I pour my heart and soul into every couple, so I can be the best photographer for you and capture the moments that are truly meaningful. At the end of the day, these photos – and the memories they evoke – are all that you’re going to have left of your day. So let’s go out and make sure that they’re awesome.



- 6, 8, or 10h of coverage available
- half off engagement or bridal session
- full resolution digital images with printing rights
- online gallery to view, download, print, and share images
- all photographer travel fees in the state of Michigan covered
- timeline and planning assistance


- full day of coverage
- full resolution digital images with printing rights
- online gallery to view, download, print, and share images
- all photographer travel fees in the state of Michigan covered
- timeline and planning assistance



- up to 2 hours of coverage
- full resolution digital images with printing rights
- online gallery to view, download, print, and share images
- at least 50 edited images


How many images are included?


There are a bunch of different factors that go into how many photos you receive, such as how long I’m there for, how many guests you have, how much partying is going on, etc. My average is about 60-80 edited images per hour, but I also don’t put a cap on how many photos I deliver! I give basically every image that I take that isn’t a true outtake; like eyes closed, flash didn’t fire, thumb in front of the lens, absolute duplicates, accidental photos of my shoes, etc.



What’s it like to work with you?


I want working with me to feel like a photoshoot with your best friend. No stiff posing, no asking “what should I do with my hands”, just the two of you focused totally and completely on each other and not worried about being in front of the camera at all. That’s one of the huge reasons I don’t book everyone that gets in touch with me, because I think that having a genuine connection with your photographer is truly the difference between having your photos taken & capturing your real relationship. I won’t be putting you into stiff poses, or make you do anything that you don’t want to do, but I’ll guide you into different things to create real emotions and moments of intimacy!



What do most people end up booking?


As far as wedding coverage goes, it’s a pretty even tie between 8 & 10 hours of coverage, and then about half of my couples choose to add on a second shooter and a day after session as well! The average investment is about $4,000. 



What should we wear?


After we book your session I have a detailed guide that I will send your way full of tips & tricks for what to wear to your shoot. However, to keep it short, I always recommend keeping it simple & comfortable with lots of neutral, earthy tones, simple patterns, and easy layers (denim jacket, cardigan, hat, etc). The most important thing is for you to wear things you are truly comfortable in that look and feel like YOU!



How does booking an engagement session work?


So after everything is nice and official, I’ll send a questionnaire your way filled with questions to learn a little more about you two & where you want your engagement session to be! After that, we’ll figure out a date based on where you want your session and then we’ll be good to go! It’s a good thing to keep in mind that during the busy season, most weekends are unavailable so I can give my full attention to the couples I work with, so plan on having your engagement session on a weekday Monday-Thursday!

How much editing do you do?


I really like to keep things pretty natural so that everything looks similar to how it did when you experienced it. I don’t do any advanced Photoshopping, meaning nothing to alter your physical appearance/shape because it looks really, really unnatural! However, I do retouch skin (because let’s be honest here zits happen and NOBODY wants to remember those) as well as whiten your teeth and get rid of other distractions in the photos!


What happens if you can’t make it?


Hoping that I will never have to cross this bridge haha. Only under very, very extreme circumstances would I be unable to shoot your wedding. If you need an example, I’ve photographed a wedding with mono hahah. I don’t quit easy! However, if something truly awful were to come up, I would call on a replacement photographer that I trust and whose work is of the same caliber as mine to come photograph your wedding. If a replacement was unavailable, you would receive a full refund.



I’m super awkward in front of the camera, is that ok?


YES! First off, you aren’t alone. Most people have never had their photos taken professionally before, so of course it’s going to feel a bit weird and I totally understand that! This is also a huge reason I value a strong connection with everyone I work with, because being someone’s friend is going to make you 200x more comfortable in front of the camera right away! But even besides that, you will definitely be surprised how with a little bit of posing guidance and me being a complete dork that you will quickly be way more comfortable and start having fun! 



Do you offer payment plans?


Definitely!! After your deposit is paid, the remaining amount is due 90 days before your wedding day, but if you’d rather not pay the balance in one payment we can set up a custom payment plan so you can pay in increments instead of all at once (i.e. $400 every month or something like that!)



This all sounds good so far! What would be the next steps for booking you?


So just from this point, the next step would be to fill out my contact form to set up a call with me so I can hear all about you & you can ask me ALLL of the questions. Seriously. I’m that nut who loves answering questions. The most important thing to me is that we are a good fit for each other & that we are totally and completely on the same page! After we talk and all of your questions are answered, all you need to do is sign a contract, pay a 25% deposit, and grab a celebratory drink because BOOM we are official!