Tips on how to elope on Mackinac Island, MI

Mackinac Island is probably one of the most famous destinations in Michigan, especially considering it was named the top summer destination in the US! And with the crystal blue waters, magical little town, and endless amounts of fudge - I'm not even a little surprised hahah. I've grown up going to the island with family and friends, and every year I am blown away by how beautiful our sweet little island is. And literally every time I go there I think about how AWESOME it would be to have an elopement there!! There are so many unique activities and destinations all over the island that would make your elopement day so much FUN, so I figured what better way to encourage people to check it out than writing a little guide on how to elope on Mackinac Island!

1. Choose your Ceremony Spot

Mackinac island is filled with AMAZING spots to say your vows - from the super well known spots like Lookout Point to one of the beautiful rocky beaches surrounding the island, or some of the less traveled spots in the middle! You can find such a wide variety on the island!

2. Stay on the Island

While you could feasibly come to the island in the morning and leave on the last ferry that night, staying a night on the island just makes your day so much more magical!! The Island folks wrote a guide on why you should stay on the island here, but my favorite part is that you can experience the magic that happens when things are quiet. You can hit Horn's with the locals, have an extra Rum Runner at the Pink Pony, or finish your day stargazing over Arch Rock! And to top it all off, the island also has some beautiful & historic places for you to stay!


This is probably my FAVORITE part of planning your island elopement! There are so many unique activities here that you could incorporate into your elopement day to really make it one of a kind. You can rent horses and ride horseback through the island's trails, get a carriage ride up to your favorite restaurant for dinner, get a paddleboard or kayak and kayak around the island in the crystal clear waters, go swimming off of British Landing, and so much more!

4. Pick Your Look

With Mackinac being a bikes-only island, you definitely have to think a little harder about your outfits! If you're envisioning a day with multiple spots around the island and some fun activities in the middle, you are most likely going to be biking from spot to spot - so make sure your clothes can keep up! Especially if it's in the summertime, the island gets HOT so you want to be careful! Make sure your dress has a slit or some way you can keep it off of your pedals, or make sure that your dress shirt is a color that won't show sweat stains super easily hahah!

And there you have it!! Those are my 4 tips on how to plan your Mackinac Island Elopement. It's also super important that you find vendors who are familiar with the island and can help you dream up and plan your island elopement! If you have any questions about eloping on Mackinac, get in touch with me!

Mackinac Island is SO perfect for an adventure elopement, and I have a resource to help you find beautiful spots for your elopement all over Michigan!

If you have any questions about planning your wedding, or want to dream up a beautiful elopement together, let’s talk! I’m happy to serve you however I can!


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