What to Wear Guide

Some Starter Tips

My first important tip: options. For the best looking outfits, I love to pick and pull from the options you pack to change into for each location that we shoot at. This is awesome because then I can make sure your outfits compliment the environment we’re shooting in as well as don’t create unnecessary distractions from you two! The only thing you have to do is bring an assortment of clothes that make you feel like a rockstar.


On that note though, I also do not recommend packing your whole closet haha. We don’t want to spend too much time choosing outfits or it will take too much away from your session time! Most folks bring about 3-4 pairs of bottoms, 1-2 dresses, and 4-5 tops, and then on top of that pack a couple of jackets, accessories, hats, etc. I LOVE when people bring hats, jewelry, scarves, etc because you can use them to switch up all of the outfits. Just make sure you aren’t wearing watches, as those can get pretty distracting in the close-up images! Also, it’s a good thing to keep in mind that depending on where we are shooting there is an excellent chance that you will changing in the back of a car. If you aren’t okay with that, that’s totally alright and you can just wear your one outfit! And you are welcome to text me photos of your options as well so we can pick it out together before the session.


I generally recommend sticking with earthy and neutral tones. Now this doesn't mean that you can only wear gray and khaki,, but go for the neutral versions of your favorite colors. I.E. Navy blue instead of cerulean, mustard yellow instead of bright yellow, olive green instead of bright green, deep maroon instead of red, rust instead of orange, etc. Stay away from very bright, distracting colors. The only specific colors I recommend steering completely clear of are red, orange, and pink. Most of the time those colors can make skin tones look funny, and can even reflect onto the other person and make their skin tone look funny as well. If you are dying to wear something in that color family, just check in with me!



Movement in what you wear can create the most amazing images. It's important to make sure the materials you wear will not only keep you comfortable for the temperature we're shooting in, but you should also be able to comfortably move around in them. You are going to be sitting, dancing, running, skipping, all of the good things - so if you are wearing a brand new pair of jeans that are super stiff, you will most likely find yourself distracted from the shoot as well as going through more effort to do those things! I also LOVE when people bring clothes that have a little additional fabric to catch the wind, because it adds dimension to your photos and looks freakin amazing!


Patterns can really make or break a look! I highly recommend avoiding super loud, bright, big patterns. The smaller or more subtle the patterns are, the better! If the pattern is too loud, it will distract from your faces which is not what we want. I also recommend avoiding pairing too many patterns together because, you guessed it, it gets distracting. A great way to add pattern without worrying is by adding texture or layers. So if you’re worried about pattern-clashing, try adding a texture with a denim jacket, leather coat, a knit, anything along those lines!

make it make sense.

Now this might seem a little obvious, but make sure that your outfit makes sense for where we're shooting and plan around it! If we're shooting on a beach, it's going to look a little weird if you're wearing shoes. If it's freezing outside, make sure you pack warm clothes and boots!. Also, it's almost always a bad idea to wear heels - unless you are amazing at walking in them haha.

That's all, folks!

Now you're officially a photoshoot look expert! If you still have questions about what to wear or are still feeling unsure, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me and we can go through it all together. You are always more than welcome to shoot me some photos of some outfits you were thinking of so we can pick it out together.