If you ever read my captions on my Instagram, it's pretty easy to tell that 1. I LOVE the outdoors life and 2. I spend a chunk of time every summer camping with my family and post wayyyy too much about it. So to continue with my posting spree about my favorite place in the world, I wanted to post some images (phone & camera) from my week vacation so you guys can catch a glimpse of why my heart is so happy when I'm there. 

When I was younger and I thought about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, at the top of my list was always "LEAVE MICHIGAN". I'm an avid snowboarder and lover of mountains, so Colorado was always my destination. But since I've graduated college and have been saving up for a big move, the more I traveled around my home state the harder and harder it got to think about leaving. I'm still not entirely sure of my life plan (that's what your twenties are for right!?) but for right now I know that nothing in the world compares to these clear blue waters, beautiful forests, and so much space to explore. So in this post I hope you can fall in love with the mitten state with me! Enjoy! 

Steph Pickard