Okay, so this is my first time doing a Q&A but I kind of loved it! It's so fun to hear what you guys are wondering about, and some of the questions I got were really funny. Here we go!


Q: What other art forms do you practice or would you like to learn?

A: When I was in college I took a lot of printmaking courses, like intaglio and etching and I really loved them! It's a bummer those require studios and lots of equipment or I would really love to still be doing that. I also really love painting but am garbage at it! 

Q: Do you prefer to shoot male or female models?

A: I love shooting with both! It's a lot easier to find female models but I love working with male models when I can find them.

Q:  If you traveled through time what place and era would you like to stay and experience, and would you stay permanently?

A: That's an awesome question! I've always wish I'd experienced the 70's-80's as basic as that may sound. That music is what I listen to every day and I wish I could have experienced it live rockin some bellbottoms or maybe a mullet hahah who knows. That or like Renaissance London, I wish I could have seen what that was like because I studied it a lot. I read it smelled terrible though so maybe not. I probably wouldn't stay in either permanently.

Q: What is your go-to lens?

A: Easy. My Sigma 35mm f/1.4 is everything.

Q: What do you love and hate about Instagram? What are you indifferent towards and what would you change?

A: I love that it's a platform where you can meet so many people!! Honestly without it I don't think I'd be anywhere close to where I am today. I hate the business behind it though, like all the algorithms they are always messing with and making it difficult to get yourself out there. I don't see their purpose. So I would change that. 

Q: What is your patronus?

A: Oh man, it's something weird like a basset hound hahaha. But I'm in Gryffindor so woo!

Q: What makes you bored?

A: Being on my phone for too long. And long runs.

Q:  What's your favorite book? Movie?

A: My favorite book is Looking for Alaska by John Green. Movie is Elizabethtown.

Q: If you had an unlimited budget, what equipment would you get, and what kind of work would you do?

A: I would definitely install a darkroom, get a large-format film camera, and work with that. I used one when I was in school and it was incredible. I would also love to get a really beautiful studio space! 

Q: What inspires you?

A: Nature and people always.

Q: If your life could be compared to a movie, TV show, or play, which one would it be?

A: I don't think my life is dramatic enough to be a play, or interesting enough to be a movie, so I'm going to go with TV show. I want to say Friends but mostly because I don't know many sitcoms haha.

Q: What's your favorite 90's jam?

A: OH MAN I CANT ANSWER THIS. too many. toooooo many.

Q: What is your favorite smell in the world?

A: Oh man another tough one!! I can't pick one but I'll name a few. Fresh cut grass, rain, bonfire, and the smell of my parent's house after my mom bakes a cake. 

Q: If you could shop for free at one store for the rest of your life, what store would it be?

A: Madewell. I have a pretty chill style, but also like being somewhat fashionable so that store is my jam! If I shopped there for free though I would definitely attempt fashion blogging too haha that would be so awesome. 

(Last one)

Q: What's a funny story you remember from when you were a kid?

A: I remember a lot of stuff from my childhood, but this one I was just talking about recently so I'll tell it! I used to be on a swim team when I was young and I really hated going to practice because I was really shy and it was at 7:30am in the summertime. Usually my mom would wake me up and watch me bike off to practice and then leave for work. However, some days, I would bike to the house next door and hide myself and my bike in my neighbor's bushes until I saw my mom drive away for work and then I would just go back home! 


THANKS FOR READING GUYS! I hope you learned something weird today and if you have any comments or questions let me know!