If there's a set of photos that makes me want warm weather and some sunshine more than anything, it's these ones. Even though these were definitely taken when it was like 15 degrees outside and Brittany's lips were turning blue, just everything about this location screamed desert. It was insane to think that it was in the middle of nowhere here in Michigan. 


So in this post, I wanted to take away the distraction of a massive photo gallery and really focus in on just a few photos so I can show you the difference a little bit of sun and warmth can make. Even though it was 15 degrees out, you could never tell by looking at these photos (except for the snow and ice). I know I've discussed this on my posts before but I'm going to re-iterate it because it is so so so true. 



So just from this SOOC shot, you can tell that it's kind of cold. Lots of blue tones, magenta, and even a little blue in the model's lips all really give away the true temperature.


Wowza. What a difference. Obviously I've done a bit more than just adjusting the temperature slider, but you can really tell the difference that just that one slider did. It looks more summery, the model doesn't look half popsicle, and now it really screams DESERT and the warm really brings out the pattern and texture in the sandstone. Amazing, right? Alright I'll stop blabbing now. Here are a couple more images from the session. Enjoy! 

Steph Pickard