“I just want to write this thing in all caps…Steph is the cat’s meow! She was so so so great for our planned elopement! She not only stood as one of our witnesses, but followed my partner and I around and just captured US

– Diana & Mike











random things:

– If I wasn’t a photographer I would want to be a snowboard instructor

– I have a serious passion for the classics, or as my friends so lovingly call it, “a grandpa’s taste in music”

– Stevie Nicks is my namesake (although my mom won’t admit to it but I know deep down it’s true) 

– My favorite color is blue, but it should probably be green because most of the time I’m wearing so much of it I look like a walking olive

– I love smelling like a campfire

– I am completely terrified of bugs and will definitely scream if something buzzes in my ear

– Whenever I’m editing there’s a 90% chance the Office is on (I’ve seen it like 12 times through it might be a problem)