It's no secret that figuring out the location of your photo session is an important task! Whether it's for your engagement session, elopement, adventure session, or whatever else. Having a photographer who is ready to help you figure out details such as this (like me) is a huge help, but it can still feel daunting. So here is my guide with 4 tips to help you find your perfect photo location for your next session!

1. Set A Travel Parameter

This is definitely one of the most important in my book, and is one of the first questions I ask my couples who haven't decided on a location yet! Deciding on how far you are willing to travel for your perfect location really helps narrow down on spots within your travel range. It's also important to keep in mind that the distance you're willing to travel depending on where you live may impact the type of locations you will find (i.e. not going to find a Pictured Rocks shoreline within an hour of Detroit!)

2. Think About What You Want To Incorporate

You might not have anything for this one - and if you don't that's totally okay! Depending on the session, it can be SO much fun to incorporate something into your shoot to make it more personal. This can range anywhere from bringing your dog, riding your motorcycle, paddleboarding, having a picnic, visiting a brewery you love, you name it! I always recommend considering these things before picking a spot because of course your location will have to be conducive to whatever activity you're hoping to do. For example, if you were hoping to get some photos on your snowmobile, you might want to check out somewhere with access beautiful snowy trails! Or if you wanted to get some with your paddleboards, you'd have to go somewhere with nearby easy water access!

3. Consider Spots That Might Be Meaningful To You

Marquette Upper Peninsula Elopement
Marquette is Aubrey & Jake's favorite place in the world, so they chose to do both their engagement session & elopement there!

Sometimes choosing a location that has meaning to you can make your photos feel even more personal & special to you and is one of my favorite of the 4 tips to find your perfect photo location. Meaningful doesn't necessarily have to mean that something awesome even happened in a specific spot! It can be anything from checking a location off your bucket list, to an area that feels authentic to you. Or consider a location that does have a memories with it, like a family cottage or a hike you got engaged on, can also tie more personal moments into your session as well!

4. Think About The Scenery

Waterfall couples adventure photos in Michigan

Considering the scenery is just as important as the other 3 tips I've mentioned, although it works in tandem with all of them. Thinking about what kind of elements you want in your pictures can narrow down your location ideas immensely. Michigan has some incredible scenery, it's just a little spread out! We have everything from waterfalls to dunes, islands, cliffs, rocky shoreline, Caribbean blue waters, gorgeous forests, fields, and more. Picking one favorite thing to incorporate while difficult will really help you narrow down an area!

And there you have it!

Now you're ready to walk into the session of your dreams with your favorite spots on deck.

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I love traveling and exploring our beautiful mitten state, and love nothing more than helping guide you to the session of your dreams! If you want to set up your own session or talk about your wedding or elopement,  CONTACT ME and I’d love to help you plan!

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